Candice Falzon for Finz

December 13 2013

What made you want to have your own swimwear range?

I've spent half my life in swimwear either in the pool or at the beach. I've always wanted to bring out a range of costumes that signifies me and my career at the beach. To me going to the beach for leisure or training should be fun and full of colour and that's what I have tried to achieve with this line.


Where did you draw inspiration from for your designs?

My inspiration came from my career and all the girls I train with day in and day out. I wanted to come up with patterns that were feminine but a design that look good, felt great and was extremely comfortable.


What makes your range special and different to anything else out there?

It's super bright, fun and energetic. When I put any of the costumes on from my range, I feel fit, strong, confident and ready to train hard but have fun at the same time.


Sum up your range in 3 words?

Bright, energetic and fun!!!!

Which swimsuit will we be seeing you in at the beach?

As a competitor who is in the water twice a day it's important to have a few costumes. I'll be wearing all the one pieces for morning training in the pool and for the beach I'll be wearing the two piece.

What was the biggest challenge of designing the range?

For me it was deciding which prints to go for. The team at Finz had so many great patterns and colours that I could have easily choose and worked on 100 different ones. I'm very pleased with what we choose and the end result. It's a dream come true!!!!

Meet Matt Poole

November 18 2013

Nickname: Pooley

Club: Mooloolaba

Training Buddies: Ali Day, Josh Minogue, Kendrick Loui, Alex Tibbits, Rhys Drury

Favourite Athlete: Dwight Howard

Most Annoying Habit: Being very immature, I drive my housemates mad sometimes!

Career Highlight: Winning 2 Kellogg's ironman series races.

Favourite Surf Memory: I love board training when its a wave session with my mates, it is a little competitive but there is some great memories that come from the sport.

Worst Surf Memory: Racing in flat surf, I find it very boring.

Biggest Influence on your Career: Michael King (Coach)


Meet Candice Falzon

October 7 2013

Nickname: Candy

Club: Manly

Training Buddies: Naomi Flood, Devon Halligan (when they are in Sydney)

Favourite Athlete: Serena Williams

Most Annoying Habit:  I talk way to much.

Career Highlight: Winning round 5 of the ironwoman series at Coolum this year. Also, going back to back winning the Taplin relay at the Australian titles with Naomi Flood and Devon Halligan.

Worst Surf Memory: Snapping my ski 5km off Trigg Island Point in Perth.

Biggest Influence on your Career: My family - Mum and Dad and my two older brothers.